Spiritual Journey 1st step: Fear

I like many people have many fears that have put up a challenge, blocked and even overwhelmed me preventing from receiving what I truly want. Fear is within all of us for without fear change and development on our journey woukd be simple. We are put on this earth to learn, grow and live in each present moment. On my spiritual journey I did indeed fear of taking the path that I have now choosen as a career which is me opening up to my gifts of communicating with the angels etc. My fear that I had overwhelmed me as it created thoughts in my mind of my worst fears which was dealing with the other entities than the angels. When I went for card readings with a friend of mine she spoke to me telling me that once you work with the light the angels will always protect you. I took this on board and with her help during guided meditations I fully let go of my fears and embraced what I was gifted with.

The full moon that is on 1st of July it is bringing up issues with the heart of emotions such as love and passions that you hold within. Sounds great but with such emotions comes fear. This fear is a fear in change… feeling like you are unworthy which makes up excuses (negative) to prevent you getting what you want. These emotions that are set to be released are ver overwhelming this is due to the moon highlighting that side of you that is hidden in the dark. Once these are brought to the surface acknowledge them you can write them down or even meditate with the intention of releasing and letting go. My own personal fears regards with the heart are brought up too of being unworthy. I am getting through it with each day that passes by saying I am worthy, meditating and walking in nature to clear my aura. Do what you can and feel strongly of doing to help nourish yourself and to release out too.

Be gentle with yourself it can be draining so take time for you. As I said in a blog at the beginning of the year this year is all about you that means releasing the old to embrace the new. Keep that in mind 

What we have learned in 2014 and what is ahead in 2015?

2014 for many of is was an interesting year, ups and downs. Allot of insecurities arisen within the past 12 months and this was all for a reason.

2014 became a defining year to put down on the calender as it produced an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical release. This was influenced by external methods such as friendships, relationships and situations that we see are no longer working for us, so thus began triggers within us. Our emotions were all over the place as an internal battle began with the old self and new self to these challenges, this is apart of us want the relationship/friendship to be maintained while the strong side to us want to let go knowing it is for the best for us. This was a complication within us because as humans we were always thought that the mind is the most powerful tool (which it is) and that other areas where we know something isn’t right we mask it because our minds are telling us otherwise. In the end a familiar quote always gets repeated “should have gone with my gut instinct”.

That’s when our mental state becomes frazzled, jumping around the place because our subconscious mind is trying to come out while our conscious mind  (which contains the ego) is fighting to maintain dominance. The ego is everything negative not just thinking you are above everyone else, but it knows us, our fears, worries, what triggers our anger and frustration, jealousy etc. It loves when these triggers appear within your mind to maintain power, while our subconscious is starting to appear more and more this sadly is just a little voice within us saying everything is going to be fine, no need to worry. But we sadly just focus on the negative due to the way we are brought up and the world around us. These challenges were occurring within this area the most during 2014 because to be able to grasp the spiritual side of you and understand the true you, you must see your fears coming from external matters. To conquer them, learn and grow from them.

2014 was the year of learning and growing. Cutting the ties that link between us and those external matters. This also lead to your energy being low because when your being challenged mentally, emotionally and spiritually, this is all you as a person, the physical body must release this and heal whatever is going on. Towards the end of 2014 the angels told me the reason everyone is sick is because it is fully letting go of the year, releasing all toxins we hold onto.


This new year is all about you, its all about understanding you and tackling the past that you are holding onto; as in emotions that are lying deep within you are holding onto and then there are the actions from which you used to do back then example people pleasing to feel happy within some bit or pushing people away when your barrier is down etc. These are all going to be brought up to the surface, last year was learning and growing from external influences now is the internal. Once you release these so much positive abundance of energy is coming your way in many forms; all your dreams will come true. Also the person whom you want to be will come to fruition. This year is believing in you, your abilities, taking the time out looking after yourself and knowing who you are in this present moment.

Normal vs Common

Each of us issues one way or another about our pasts that we find if very difficult to get over. The reason we find it difficult is that a part of us is holding onto it through our actions in the present instead of us fully letting go and communicating of what occurred, what we felt back then and how its effecting us this day.

Society project to each of us that we need to hold in our emotions towards our past, that we must come across that nothing can effect us and bottle that part of us that wants to be free from this. So when we bottle the past, we project this out in other forms through anger, unable to open up to people, people pleasing and the list goes on. This in our world is considered as being normal  but actually its the total opposite, think of it if these actions were normal we wouldn’t act out this way which inevitably cause more harm than good.

In our world it is common to act this way, it’s built in us from our childhood but in no way is it normal. If this course of action is normal then our past wouldn’t hinder us, but it does. We are always told to not communicate out what is going on within us to others, that they don’t need to know, to know who you are you must release out what the past has done and this is through communication with those whom you are close to or professionally.

Once you start doing this apart of you starts to become free. Once you get to the root of your problems work at them, you owe it to yourself to do this. Look after yourself and love yourself fully then you can give the same to others in a balanced format- giving and receiving. This is what is normal living a life of harmony through communication with yourself and others.